Tax Planning & Return Preparation

Take advantage

In order to take advantage of every tax deduction and tax benefit available to you, you need to hire an experienced person who knows the tax law and keeps abreast of its many changes. 

Expertise. Peace of mind.

These are the things that you can expect Cynthia Gonzales, Accountant to provide. Cynthia views every relationship with each of her clients as an ongoing partnership and strives to provide you with quality, up-to-date tax return preparation and advice. Keeping abreast of current tax laws throughout the year to minimize your tax liabilities and to maximize your future opportunities.

Areas of Experience

  • Individual tax returns- Form 1040
  • Corporation tax return-Form 1120
  • S Corporation tax return- Form 1120 S
  • LLC tax return-Either Schedule “C” or Form 1120 S
  • Non-Profit tax returns-Form 990
  • Partnership tax returns-Form 1065
  • Estate tax returns-Form 706
  • Trust tax return-Form 1041
  • Employment Taxes
  • Sales and Use Taxes
  • Payroll Tax Returns